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Not All Camera Systems Are Created Equal. (Quick Guide)

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

All CCTV systems consists of the same components. You have a Receiver (DVR/NVR), Camera (Coaxial/IP), Power Supply (Adapter Plug/POE), Recording Device (Built into Receiver/Camera) and Viewer (Monitor/PC/Phone). The problem is they are not designed with a one size fits all parameter when it comes to coverage and quality. Most Individuals fall victim to false advertisement and end up with subpar quality when it matters the most (For example a 2 MP camera recording at 35 FPS (frames per second) is a higher quality than a 4 MP camera recording at 20 FPS) and every second counts!

When it comes to all in one surveillance security systems they concentrate on an overall field of view rather than placement and purpose. They are considerable cheaper because what you gain in wide area viewing angles you lose in close-up quality.

"I'm sure everyone has seen news reports

with suspects in CCTV camera

footage that is always dark, blurred or grainy"

Most cost effective surveillance security systems comes with a fixed 2.8 mm lens or 3.6 mm lens (shown on right). The image below shows a comparative viewing angle at different meters.

At Rekon Security we also take into account lighting, power, transmission, and cost. We conduct a site inspection to ensure we can provide the appropriate camera for the operational environment. We take into account:

  • Desired image quality / field of view

  • lighting conditions

  • Indoors or outdoors (weather conditions)

  • Video recording rate and transmission

With these parameters in mind we can put together a package that fits your needs and also saves you money by ensuring you're not overpaying for something you don't need and underpaying for quality where you need it the most.


Why is it cheaper on Amazon and E Bay?

We've all at one point of time went to a department store and compared prices to online retailers or shopped around for the cheapest price on a specific product. When it comes to surveillance systems its not that simple. You will always find a surveillance system cheaper on the web, I'm not going to deny that. You will often find "knockoffs" or discontinued items relatively cheaper and major Chinese brands sell directly on those platforms to eliminate the middle man cost and because of mass production without any sort of quality control. Don't compromise your security by making yourself open to third party spyware and malware.

When shopping around for a surveillance system you have to take into account quality, performance, and accessibility. Surveillance systems are designed to run and record 24-7 year round to ensure the most possible protection.

  1. You need something dependable and durable that can withstand vandals and inclement weather.

  2. You need to ensure it can record at the highest quality for the best surveillance footage and stream at a lower quality depending on your bandwidth speed for remote viewing capabilities.

  3. You need to have local technical support for repairs and troubleshooting so you're not compromising vulnerability.

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